All SAFLON models are made of high quality aluminium and used Heat-resistant handles and knobs and coatings capable of withstanding corrosion and chemicals are used on the outside. Internal coatings use the best non-stick systems without PFOA.The internal non-stick systems are long-lasting and ensure uniform, healthy, fat-free cooking. They are also highly resistant to scratches and odour absorption. Perfectly dishwasher-safe.


Resistance to high temperature and thermal shock.
Resistance to scratches and abrasion.
Resistance to chemical corrosion (detergents, etc.).
Smooth, easy-to-clean surface..

Instructıons for use;

1. Before first use, remove all packaging material and labels;

2. Wash the pan in warm soapy water to remove possible dust. Then dry it and grease the internal surface with table oil, wiping off the excessive oil with an absorbent paper towel (we suggest to condition periodically the internal surface);

3. Select the correct size burner to fit the bottom of the pan; always cook using low to medium heat;

4. Do not overheat the pan while empty. Never leave the pan unattended during the cooking session. Never let fats burn. Let the pan cool before washing it.

5. Take all necessary precautions so as not to scratch or damage the internal non-stick surface. Never use metallic or sharp utensils, never cut food inside the pan to ensure better performances;

6. Non-stick pans may be easily washed by hand with a non-abrasive sponge, without the use of any chemical and / or abrasive detergents; in case of dishwashing cycles we suggest to use soft detergents and low temperature eco-cycles;

7. Store the pan with care, avoiding to scratch the non-stick surfaces for a longer life of the utensil;