Saflon Metal Quality Management

Quality consciousness after identification of customer requirements, initially should start with a product idea. This effort to create awareness of quality at every stage of production should continue to be developed and the product should last until the delivery of customer, after the product has been delivered to the customer, quality performance should be monitored.

Our company should appoint the target continuously to producing quality products at affordable prices to meet the expectations and demands of increasing customers. Because of this organization's survival depends on the support of customers.

As is known, a company lives with the customer base that it caters and remain standing. After a certain time customer, the costumer would prefer the company due to the confidence to the company with the product. Based on this information SAFLON Metal is preferred by customers as an establishment which is respected and trusted that should be the main purpose of all personnel working.

Nowadays, many industrial companies increase the conditions of competition in domestic and foreign market with an effort and strive to integrate into the world economy. It is certain that we would face serious problems in the long term unless we develop our product quality.

The technology used in the success of an organization, trained personnel, and continuously improved the quality function also should be noted that a very important factor.

Our quality policy as SAFLON METAL in the light of all these lines;

To keep quality in the highest level on behalf of being the best in the industry targeting to maximum customer satisfaction.
Educating employees with continuous development and improvement awareness,to support with quality improvement efforts to the participation of all employees.
To offer customers internationally recognized products and services, with creating the image by quality.
Emphasis on quality, continuous improvement in line with customer requirements, cleanliness, arrangement and the avoidance of waste will form our principles.

President of Saflon Metal